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Here I go again.

ImageHave I told you how much I LOVE making homemade veggie stock? I know I’ve expounded on the subject many a time before – and I duly apologize for the repetition.


I. Love. Making. Veggie. Stock.

Full stop.

I have a freezer full of the stuff. Never knowing when it might be needed, it could serve as the base for a really awesome French onion soup, or as an elixir for if and when I come down with a nasty flu bug, God should be so gentle.

And not only that: but I love knowing I’m not just tossing out the inedible bits and bobs that come from my veggies. Just throw them in a freezer bag, and when the bag seems full enough, bingo! Time to make the stock!

If you’d like my uber-easy stock-making secret, just leave a comment!


Golden elixir

More ‘stock’ photography! Tee-hee! Ok, sorry for the pun. But I’m in love with homemade veggie stock. I’m super-in-love with the way it makes me feel, this energy-giving elixir. This particular one, pictured, was derived from bits of carrot, onion, celery, tomato, eggplant, cauliflower, garlic, and dried herbs (which you see at the bottom of the cup). It’s so perfect, it doesn’t even need salt. I simply sip it like a tea. And I instantly feel energized and all warm & fuzzy.