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Southern on the fly

American Southern food is known for its fattening repertoire of pork chops, puddings, pies and ham, but vegetarians can also eat very well on this cuisine as well.

Yep, there is hope. Southerners LOVE their veggies – often in a diner you’ll find ‘meat and three veg’ – never the other way around! Simply omit the ‘meat’ in favor of the ‘three’ and add a biscuit.

That’s what I did this evening – not knowing what I should eat, but I had the ingredients for a simple, filling veg-based meal. My bounty of whole okra was screaming for attention, as was the big bag of the very indulgent Mrs. B’s Buttermilk Biscuits, made in some outpost here in Florida. After sauteeing the okra in olive oil and freshly ground black pepper, I threw in a can of Sylvia’s field peas and snaps. The red and green were so pretty together…the color of Victorian wallpaper. It was almost a shame to disrupt it.

Add a final sprinkling of ground pepper and slather some vegan cream cheese inside the biscuits (and don’t forget that dash of Tabasco!), and before you can say “Atlanta is burning!” you have a wonderful and filling vegetarian Southern meal.

(PS: The only unauthentic item in this meal was my UNsweetened iced tea. I must draw the line somewhere!)