Getting loaded

Oh Pinterest, you temptress. You may make me dump all of my cookbooks for good. As I scroll through looking casually at recipes for loaded french fries, this one pops out at me and I can’t resist. It jumps out screaming these are two of your favorite food things, amirite? and I take the bait.

13244818_10207509583230849_9059118154667485866_nI sent hubby to the store for fast food fries (as the recipe recommended) and whipped up a garlic mayo with some Veganaise. I didn’t have sriracha, but I had hot Thai chili sauce, which worked just as well.  I was happy that I actually had hoisin sauce in the pantry. I added in some green onion and a squeeze of lime, and I was in heaven. Loaded. Fries. Vegan. Vietnamese. (or Thai, depending on your POV).

I think now my new summer cooking obsession will be variations of loaded fries. Stay tuned.

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