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Shake it up, baby

The famous milkshake from the famous Coney Island Grill, St Pete.

It’s officially Summer. And for some odd reason, milkshakes seem¬† to be popping up all over the place whether I want them to, or not. Steak & Shake has a coupon circulating for buy one, get one free peach or strawberry shakes. My son asked me if I had a spare blender he could use in his apartment expressly for milkshake-making (I did so happen to have a spare).¬† I see lots of people walking around with big, thick Styrofoam cups of cold goodness. At each supermarket I venture to, ice cream seems to be selling big. And to top this shake-y weirdness off, of late, I had a dream the other night about a batido de mamey – which, I’m sorry to admit, have never actually tried but would love to.

See, I’m not much of an ice cream eater. I used to be. I just don’t get all excited over ice cream that much anymore. I’ve been in search of Creamsicles lately, which I can’t seem to find. Cold orange ice on a stick seems much more practical (and lower in fat) to me. But milkshakes slowly seem to be wending their way into my subconscious. It is really hot out, after all – will I give in or not? (Probably.)

What is your favorite flavor milkshake, and from where?