A toast to avo

Avocado toast? Yes, please.


Here’s my version: sweetly ripe, on organic baguette, with a smattering of red pepper flakes. 

When did avocado toast become a thing? I seem to think sometime last year; possibly the year before (2015). But now I see it popping up on vegetarian restaurant menus all over the place. How did something so simple become a phenomenon?

The newest local organic eatery near me has a version: on wheat toast, drizzled with a smudge of olive oil, salt, pepper and, if you desire (I always d0), red pepper flakes. Truly, there are as many ways to concoct your own version as there are avocados in the world. But: will  avocado toast become 2016-2017’s girl left behind at the dance? What might become the new vegan must-have grab & go snack? Stay tuned – but for now, I’m totally loving this mushy-crispy comfort food concoction.


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