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Hoagie heaven

Whether you call it a hoagie, sub, or grinder, no doubt this sandwich has been embedded in American gastronomic culture like almost no other. Sandwich chains are everywhere, offering innumerable ingredients stuffed into a variety  of breads and rolls.

Homemade perfection - in a roll

I stopped going to [insert name of mega-popular sandwich chain shop here] because, frankly, the food wasn’t all that good, the cleanliness quality always seemed lacking (no matter which shop I went to), and asking for a veggie sub always resulted in “No mayo? Not even cheese?” and funny looks from the surly submaker. Most disheartening: the veggies used were tasteless¬† and probably not always fresh as they said.

And a veggie sub is simply that: a veggie sub. A piece of bread stuffed with veg. I can do that, I thought, and set out to construct my own amazing subs (hoagies/grinders) in my own kitchen using unique and varied (and fresh!) vegetables, proscribed proportions be damned.

Now that I make them at home, they never disappoint. A spritz of balsamic and olive oil? Sure. Some cracked black pepper atop avocado, tomatoes, red onion, green and yellow pepper, maybe a smear of hummus to add moistness, tucked inside a bakery baguette, crisp on the outside, pillowy-soft on the inside, and just perfect.  That, to me, is the superior sandwich.

You can do this too, folks. Don’t go to those sub shops if you don’t have to (go if you must), but I promise you, a little noodling around in the kitchen with your fresh veggies and good bread will make you a convert.