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Faux pho

Pho! Ever since my first bowl, I’ve been in love. The closest Vietnamese restaurant to my house is about 12 miles away. I know, I know, not so far. But I’m not always able to make it over there. What’s a girl to do? Make homemade pho, of course.

It might be faux, but it's pretty good pho.

At the market they sell little packages of pho broth (vegetarian, luckily). I gently cooked the rice noodles in the broth, added a few cloves, Vietnamese soy sauce, and garlic powder to kick it up, and then simmered tofu cubes and mushrooms in the noodle-broth for about 10 minutes. On the side: bean sprouts, hot peppers, and basil (I had no Thai basil – a shame, really – so I had to opt for regular basil from my kitchen plant).

Result? Yummers. Yeah, not as good as in the restaurant – but passable and tasty. Works for me!