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An announcement, and a shot of food

Hi. Just wanted to let readers know of some changes. I’ve changed the name of this blog to better reflect my simple, new direction on my food writing, and it also better reflects my personality. Although “Above the Fruited Plain”‘s concept originally was a good one, and it served me well for almost ten years (in concept, research, and on ‘paper’), it never really took off. Besides, originally the idea was to approach the Food Network as an idea for a show, but it’s already been done and is being done (to death) as we speak.

I’ll still be doing historical research on American foods, but I will mostly be focusing on my exploration of different cuisines, my experiences with different products, restaurant adventures, and my cooking experiments! As well, I will be within the week migrating this blog over to WordPress to better suit my personal blogging needs – and to give the blog a fresher, more modern look (as well as make it easier to read).

Now: Let’s eat!

Pumpkin and Roasted Corn Soup. From Fat Free Vegan Kitchen