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One Way with Swiss Chard

I’d always wanted to try it but never had the chance before. It’s hard to find in this part of Florida. When I stumbled upon it at the local health food store last week, its seductive red stalks beckoned to me and I just had to buy it. At $1.99 for an organic batch, it seemed a good deal.

Problem was, never having prepared it before, I was a little bewildered. I did a little research on ways to cook it, even consulting Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. She recommended cooking it like other greens, sauteed in olive oil, but I do that so often with other veggies, that it just seemed boring to me.

Then a lightbulb came on: quiche! An elegant, crustless quiche, able to be served hot or cold, would do the trick nicely. I sauteed the beautiful chard with red onion…

…whipped up some eggs and mozzarella, sea salt and black coarsely ground pepper, and folded the veggies in. Mixed well; poured into a pie plate, and topped it with just a squinch of herbs de Provence.

It turned out beautifully and made a sophisticated little lunch!

Now, I am not normally an egg eater; as a matter of fact I stay far and away from them at all times. But I have seen some quiche recipes with silken tofu and I do plan to try using that next time so I don’t have to deal with the evil Egg empire. Quiche is a nice changeup from the burger-fries lunch – it does feel like a special thing, but really takes almost no time to cook. Like an omelet, you can throw anything into the mix and it usually comes out yummy. Quiche – it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Chard – good-looking and good for you, too!

Here is a little video to get you inspired to make quiche: 😉