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Futomaki fantasies

It’s edible works of art. This baby was photographed (and consumed) at Hook’s.

Sushi by the numbers

Number of results when Googling “sushi”: 2,740,000
Number of pieces of sushi I ate last week: 6
Number of pieces of sushi I wish I could eat each week: at least 20
Longest sushi roll in the world: 3,279 ft.
Number of people I know who hate sushi: at least 10
Number of Original Sushi Pillows I wanted to order when I found out Rachael Ray owns one: zero
Results when typing in “sushi” on YouTube: 3,970
Calories in a piece of nori maki: 20
Sushi restaurants in Tampa: 23
Sushi restaurants in the entire state of Utah: 20
Cost of an eight-pack California Roll from Publix: $5.69