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Pot Luck for the Holidays

‘Pot lucks’ apparently have never gone by the wayside. We’re having the second one in a month here at work (the first being for Thanksgiving) and to tell the truth, most folks are excited about it! About 20 people are bringing 20 different things. It should be interesting.

Where did the idea of pot lucks originate? Here’s a good place to start – a site with lots of excellent regional recipes.

UPDATE: Here’s what was offered at the potluck: Three kinds of stuffing; roast turkey; sausage and peppers (from Mazarro’s Italian Market – they used hot sausage, yay!); fried chicken (from Publix; excellent as always); rotisserie chicken; lasagna; brussels sprouts (my request – supplied by a co-worker who is Italian and nutures an understanding of the little nuggets); tossed salad; Mediterranean salad; corn; rolls; gravy; macaroni and cheese (made by my pal Candy); cookies; four pies: chocolate silk, pumpkin, razzleberry and Dutch apple); and last but not least, garlic mashed potatoes ‘deluxe’, prepared by yours truly. A good sign that the potatoes were decent is that there was none left after the meal.

I rose at 6 that morning to prepare the potatoes. Nothing special to it, but here’s what I do. I boil red potatoes in chicken broth (skin-on); mash them with a fork – my gimmick is to keep them chunky – and let them cool slightly. Add milk, butter, salt, pepper, and my ‘deluxe’ item: cream cheese (Neufchatel usually, to cut down on the fat). Add in freshly chopped garlic, and we’re off to mashed potato heaven.

The pot luck was a success – much nicer, I thought, than the Thanksgiving one.