Taco Tuesday

Let it be known that I, along with many, many others, love tacos. Pretty much in any way, shape or form. But when my bod has had enough of masa flour tortillas, refried beans, faux meats  and other such heavy things, I can always turn to raw tacos as a backup.


I first discovered the raw taco concept a few years ago in a local raw vegan restaurant on the beach that has sadly closed recently. But I carried the idea away with me, and now these babies are popping up all over the place. Really, why not? The recipe is so simple, and you feel so…good eating these. You can eat about ten of them and roll away with no guilt factor.

The basic recipe can be found online on a number of sites – but the gist is this: the taco ‘meat’ is comprised of walnuts, ground up with taco seasoning (I blended mine with a chipotle pepper in adobo, cumin, and chili powder); the pico de gallo is made fresh, and the crema is made from Ani Phyo‘s recipe for jalapeno-lime kream (made from cashews). You still get the crispy-crunch from the romaine lettuce shells – with none of the fat.

Summer is long, folks. There are a lot of Tuesdays involved, so indulge yourselves!





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