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Guac this way

Guacamole and I have a steamy relationship. If I could have a torrid love affair with one food product, it would very likely be guac. Why, you ask? Good guacamole – the kind I custom-make at home – has all the sensual elements required of a secret food love: creaminess; garlic bite; smooth, cool, spreadability; versatility when I need it…

I want you. I want you so bad.

Okay, enough of the sexy talk. Guacamole – when made properly – and its main component, avocado – provides a good dose of healthy fats to your diet. I like to keep mine simple as possible. Not only do I dip blue corn tortilla chips in my guac, but it’s great as a sandwich or wrap spread, on a burger, and even dolloped on a salad. That’s why when avocados are at their cheapest, I buy two or three and go on a guac spree.

Two soft Hass avocados, the softer the better
Red onion, chopped finely, about 1/3 cup
Chopped cilantro, about 2 Tb
Extra virgin olive oil, 1 Tb
Red hot pepper flakes, 1 tsp
Sea salt, 1/2 Tb
Lemon, for squeezing

Combine all ingredients except lemon in a bowl and mash the avocados well. Squeeze fresh lemon on top to keep the guac from browning. Stir again. Chill for about 10 minutes. See how long you can stay away from it.

The humble bean.

This is a humble little pinto bean. Many, many more just like this one will result in delicious meals.

When you cook the heck out of these little beans and mash them, you then have the basis for refried beans. Add garlic and onion powder, a little oregano, sea salt, and cumin. Drizzle a bit of olive oil. Mash and mash some more (don’t ‘whip.’) Add a tablespoon of water at a time to get a creamy consistency.

Fill into tortillas, taco shells, or eat plain with chopped scallions.

"Cheesy" quesadillas!

Vegan quesadillas with fresh ingredients: cilantro, onion, sun-dried tomatoes; the “cheese” is SoyKasa which melts pretty darn nicely.

Soup, soup, beautiful soup

Delicious bean and smoky chipotle soup. Serves up great with toasted flour tortillas and a squeeze of fresh lime.

Find the recipe here!