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Spring Rolls Have Sprung!

Another of my latest obsessions (and I am a girl of many) are Vietnamese spring rolls. I fell in love with them for the very first time about a month ago, when my father and I tried out a local Vietnamese restaurant that came highly recommended by a friend. I’d always been intrigued by the delicate, almost transparent wrappers and the healthy goodies tucked inside. Until the restaurant, I’d never actually tasted one before, so, along with my noodle salad, I ordered up a pair.

Until I’d trawled my local Asian market to find the wrappers, the idea of actually making these on my own had eluded me. Then, bingo: I happened upon a package of rice paper wrappers (banh trang). Yay! All I needed to do was to moisten the buggers, stuff with whatever my heart desired, and wrap. And eat. Prepping them was a lot easier than I thought; but deciding what to wrap in there was the hard part!

For my first attempt, I filled them with baby spinach, tofu, peanut, bean sprouts, green onion, and a sprinkling of crushed red pepper (when I ran out of fresh Thai bird peppers.) I managed also to find Vietnamese soy sauce for that authentic dipping experience. Wow! They are so addictive and healthful! And a package of wrappers goes a long way. I’m not certain how many are in a package; I’d venture to guess around 30 or so.
With warm weather coming up, these would make a stellar appetizer for your next garden party, paired with some smooth miso soup topped off with green onions. Serve a nice iced green tea, or for the adults, a refreshing Vietnamese beer.