Golden elixir

More ‘stock’ photography! Tee-hee! Ok, sorry for the pun. But I’m in love with homemade veggie stock. I’m super-in-love with the way it makes me feel, this energy-giving elixir. This particular one, pictured, was derived from bits of carrot, onion, celery, tomato, eggplant, cauliflower, garlic, and dried herbs (which you see at the bottom of the cup). It’s so perfect, it doesn’t even need salt. I simply sip it like a tea. And I instantly feel energized and all warm & fuzzy.


2 responses to “Golden elixir

  1. Hi there, I have a stock question to ask…I have tried making stock with onions and garlic in it but i find that my stock is almost always overwhelmed with their flavors. Are there any particular parts you discard or use?

  2. Not really. I use the bits and ends of onions (with the root part) that ordinarily get tossed away. That said, I have the benefit of the flavor of onion without the overwhelming taste. As far as garlic, I usually stick to one clove per every half gallon of stock.

    Have you ever tried making French onion soup with your already-oniony stock?

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