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Fakin’ Bacon

I’ve had enough hearing about bacon. I mean real, ‘pig bacon.’ I know that it’s salty, crispy, fatty, and satisfying. But – it’s still pig bacon, and I’m having none of that. So – into the kitchen I sauntered, with a recipe for TOFU bacon that will hopefully make me feel all smug when my carnivore buddies start exulting their bacon experiences.


Extra firm tofu (this Trader Joe’s is low-moisture and absolutely perfect)
Vegan Worcestershire or soy sauce
Maple syrup
Smoky paprika
Garlic powder
Black pepper
Liquid Smoke if you please, but I didn’t have any on hand

With a steady hand, slice your tofu thin. I mean, really thin. As thin as you can without crumbling it. These will eventually be your bacon slices.

Mix the marinade ingredients very well and pour into a shallow pan, such as a 9×13″ baking dish. Then place your really super thin slices of tofu in the marinade and make sure they get covered on both sides. Allow to marinate for a few hours in the fridge.

Heat a baking tray at 350, spray the tray with a little olive oil, and place  your slices on. Bake  until the tofu is firm (keep an eye on it to prevent burning), about 25 minutes. Voila, bacon without the oink! (You do want the bacon to be a little stiff, not soggy, when you take it out – this is why extra firm tofu is essential.)

Would be perfect on sourdough with a schmear of Vegenaise, a juicy heirloom tomato, and some baby butter lettuce. Heaven!