In the burger lab.

More and more, I find myself veering away from commercially-made veggie burgers to explore the healthier option of homemade. I’ve been having a hard time, though, of finding the perfect recipe. Either my homemade efforts have been too dry, too prone to crumbling, or bland. I also don’t want to use eggs to bind, so there’s that to deal with too.

I did stumble upon a great recipe whilst trawling Pinterest, and the ingredients seemed to have that stickability factor – these babies should not/could not fall apart when cooking. The recipe is for sweet potato and black beans to be formed into patties, with various other ingredients. There are dozens of recipes that riff on the same bean & potato theme, so take a look around and see which one you dig best.

Verdict: Burgers pre-cooked were very sticky to deal with, so lots of hand-washing is involved. I needed to add flour to “dry” them out just a tad without making them too dry, and to be confident of the binding. The burger patties cooked well in just a smidge of olive oil, providing a decent outer crust and a soft middle. I added a bit of cayenne and Old Bay seasoning to mine, but the gentle nature of black beans and of sweet potato lends itself to accepting a wealth of flavoring options.

I topped mine with mixed greens, avocado and a vegan garlic crema that I whipped up (and keep on hand to use as salad dressing or as a mayo sub). Feel free to experiment – and happy burgering!


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