It’s summertime, and the canning is easy

Canning and pickling is ‘in’ again. How do I know? When I see Facebook posts from several of my friends about how they have discovered the joys of putting fruit or veg in a jar and covering it with a water-vinegar -sugar-blend. Yep, this ancient practice is back with a vengeance, and like any hip new trend, it latched its way on to me.

So: the other evening I was inspired by a) Pinterest and b) a craving for Vietnamese food, and decided to make do chua, or Vietnamese pickled veg. The do chua usually consists of simply carrots and daikon, but I only had carrots on hand, so I ran with it.

I have pickled other things before (cucumbers! How original!) but I’m curious to see how my half-batch of carrots turns out. Maybe with it  I can throw together my homemade version of banh mi, my most beloved sandwich in the world.



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