I’m back!

Hi. Again, I am so sorry I’ve been neglectful here. When I signed in I realized the last post was from ….AUGUST! Yikes! Well, welcome back you all, thank you to my new followers, and I promise to try and post once a week!

Happy new year – 2014 is off to a roaring start. I’ve been doing research on raw foods, something I would like to try and eat more this year! There’s a fantastic raw vegan café out on St Pete Beach (for you vegan vacationers that ever make it this way) called Vida de Café. It’s chic, a little funky, super clean and welcoming, and they have an impressive menu of raw creations. I’ve been there a handful of times, and I LOVE their raw tacos. (I’ve even made a version of theirs at home!) Their ‘sushi’ is wonderful, too. The menu is small and simple and I think that’s great, so they can concentrate on making excellent the few things they have.

Anyhoo…more raw food for me this year, yes, please!

Another new obsession in my life: spaghetti squash. HOW HAVE I NEVER HAD THIS BEFORE? Me, being the noodleholic and squash lover…two things combined into one faboo meal? Zing! I made mine cheesy with vegan cream cheese and some nooch…oh, my. I was surprised at how filling it is, too!


Ok. I’ll be back soon, I promise, with more musings! Tell me, what are your food plans for 2014?


3 responses to “I’m back!

  1. The Editors of Garden Variety

    Your plan sounds feasible. I plan on eating more vegan inspired meals this year.

  2. This was the first year I didn’t do a raw food cleanse after the holidays, but it does feel good to eat raw. I may save it for a little warmer weather though! (Not that you have to worry about that.) Not that I’m complaining (or want to move back to FL!) Seattle’s been pretty good compared to most of the country. Also, spaghetti squash. Every once in a while I see someone have the same revelation, and I vow to make something with it, but both times I’ve bought it I didn’t end up using it before it went bad!

    • I love spaghetti squash. You just have to cut that sucker open and run with it! I baked mine for about 30 mins and scraped the middle bits out. Mixed with vegan cream cheese, salt, pepper and fell deeply in love.

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