Say “Cheese”!

Wow! Have I ever been remiss in posting! Well, I have returned! And I return with my favorite new nosh – vegan mac & cheese.

Ever since I discovered this recipe for making what I consider the most authentic-tasting vegan mac & cheese, I’ve committed the recipe to memory (with a few personal tweaks) and each time I’ve made it, it comes out gooey and just so yummy. I like to make a batch of the cheese sauce to keep on hand so I don’t have to keep making it everytime I want this dish.


It’s best eaten right away as the sauce does tend to thicken up as time goes by. Consistency is everything, and I like the sauce to be just this side of thin (but not too thin). Keep in mind, the starch from the pasta water will help thicken the sauce, so you may not need as much corn starch as you think. And a whisk is essential for blending the ingredients together.

I like to add red pepper flakes to mine for just a bit! I wonder how this would taste with jalapenos, Ro-Tel, or vegan bacon? Enjoy!


2 responses to “Say “Cheese”!

  1. Wow, this looks like one of the easiest mac and cheeze recipes ever. Yum!

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