Spice spice baby

The hardwood floors are "herb & spice friendly."

There’s a (fairly) new shop in town, and I adore it. No, it’s not a clothing boutique, a guitar shop or even a book store. It’s a spice shop!

Exterior of Savory Spice.

Savory Spice on 4th Avenue NE opened up earlier this year and they’ve never failed to disappoint. If you want 15 kinds of pepper, 10 kinds of salt or a different curry powder for every day of the week, well, Savory’s your place. It’s my place, too. But they’re  more than about salt & pepper. Or curry. Bakers could find a paradise here, with exotic vanilla beans and flavored sugars, various cocoa powders and whole nutmeg and cinnamon.

I never really go into the shop for one specific thing. But if I do, I always come out with more than intended, because on each trip there I find something new and exciting.  I am happy to report that they have organic dried herbs such as oregano (and several different kinds!), dill and basil. The Mexican oregano is fragrant and intoxicating!

Vanilla beans!

On this particular day, I went to Savory looking for a new curry powder, and wound up with Vindaloo for a change from my usual. I also picked up an exotic Italian coarse sea salt/herb blend which I could not stop using on everything once I got home; it was that tasty!

Savory Spice sells both in bulk and in pre-packaged bottles. You’re allowed to taste-teste as much as you like before you buy, which is actually kind of fun! Sometimes the staff will whip up a recipe showcasing their herbs and spices; on one day I visited, a gentleman staffer showed off  brownies he baked using their Black Onyx cocoa (which I, of course, bought).

Everything is clearly labelled, weighed, and noted for origin. Suggestions for use are also on the labels.
It’s a great place to go for gift sets and small kitchen utensils; there are also some BBQ sauce and hot sauces.

Savory Spice is located at 400 Beach Dr NE  St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Twitter: @savoryspice727
Web: Savory Spice

A cute little shop!


Exotic? They've got it!


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