This is how we roll

…roll vegetarian egg rolls, that is. My friend T had us over to her house for an “egg roll making party,” which also included cat-and-dog petting, some knitting, and lots of gab. T was making a big batch of the rolls for some ladies with whom she has upholstery class.

We used Filipino wrappers, which are usually made into lumpian prito, a Filipino roll.  T chose these because her Vietnamese mother always used these particular wrappers instead of the traditional Chinese-style egg roll wrappers. They come frozen in the Asian markets, and I think there are about 50 wrappers to the pack.

T had the day before sauteed  a bunch of veggies: carrot, eggplant, onion, and cabbage to use in the rolls.  She decided to make the rolls vegetarian because she’s been thinking about switching from a meat & veggie diet to one that is completely plant -based. I applaud her thinking!

M rolls like a pro.

The veggie mixture

As we all sat at her dining table, R and I watched and knitted as T and M filled and rolled the rolls….lots and lots of rolls! We conversed about shopping, men, pets…and knitting, of course. Yeah, your typical ladies’ gathering!

T’s pets – two kitties and a dog – sensed something was afoot: namely, people food! Ginger, the yellow lab, eventually insinuated herself underneath the table for a nap when she realized she was not to take part in this party! Egg rolls and puppy dogs don’t mix!

Sad Ginger.

A quick fry in some peanut oil, and the rolls began to appear…ready for eatin’. T got out the Chinese hot mustard and we all had a sample. Super yum! You know egg rolls, that heady mix of “fried” and “I’m eating veggies, so it’s kind of healthy” – yeah, it was like that. So bad, so good, so bad, so very very good…

As always, T is very generous, and encouraged us all to take some un-fried rolls home. I grabbed six and fried them up a few days later, dipping them in some soy-based Vietnamese all-purpose sauce. Outstanding!

Cooking parties are awesome. Next time, T suggested we have a pasta-making party….I can’t wait to see how that goes!

The final result.


2 responses to “This is how we roll

  1. Knitting, puppies, making and eating yummy vegan food….all of my favorite things! 🙂 Those egg rolls look delish.

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