It’s a tostones party!

A little while ago my friend C invited us to her house for a casual supper, mostly finger foods and lots of beer. Her specialty, being part Puerto Rican, is making tostones. She had two sizes of tostoneres, the simple device used to smash the plantains thin.

C was a lean, mean tostone-making machine as she deftly whipped them out and tossed them into her fryer. At the same time, she made an off-the cuff zesty black bean and cilantro dip, which was great.

With black bean dip.

We’d also brought along some fresh shrimp, and those were added to the mix as well. Supper was turning out to be a great little experiment!

Making the tostones takes a little time and effort, but with two people working – one smashing, the other frying – it moves along nicely. As soon as they were out of the fryer, C topped them with a little kosher salt.

Since I’m a spicy (SPICY!) foods kind of girl, my pals challenged me to eat this tortilla chip loaded with…stuff. Hot stuff. Lots of hot stuff. Lucky I had a cold beer at hand.

Girl vs Food!

But guess what: I survived! It was hot but not the hottest thing I’d ever eaten! The roasted jalapeno was super hot but oh-so yummy!


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