Sweet & spicy, nicey nicey

Look. Look at this spicy, sweet Asian sauce. You know you want to pour it all over your hot rice noodles, don’t you?

Whoa! Saucy!

This Chili-Lime sauce was invented by Tess Challis, author of Radiant Health, Inner Wealth. Tess is an enthusiastic Colorado vegan chef  who is mindful of the health benefits when pairing ingredients in her recipes. Her book is a fun read, and you’ll be bookmarking several recipes to try at a time.

My Chili Lime sauce went over rice river noodles and at the end, I added crushed peanuts. The recipe is a simple take on Thai cuisine without a lot of fuss. River rice noodles cook up quickly and I like their authenticity. Plus, they’re cheap: $1.19 for a 1 lb. package. And, as Tess said, you can eat this dish hot or cold. With my addition of  sambal oelek, I like to eat it hot – so it makes it even hotter!


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