Hot from the Wat

See this innocuous little container? It holds a fiery mass of Thai red curry, the power of 1,000 suns, and the ability to make your mucous membranes whinge for hours on end. It was purchased at the Wat Tampa, at their weekly Sunday open market.

Looking for some hot stuff, baby?

For a mere $1, you can get freshly made (not canned, thank you) red or green curry, lovingly prepared by the temple members (who also put on a fabulous food festival, but we’ll come to that later). I eventually paired half this container (though I could have easily used a third) with coconut milk to make a heat-seeking veggie curry. Wowsers.

Proceed with joyous caution, and have a glass of milk at hand to soothe the savage fires that will eventually come.


2 responses to “Hot from the Wat

  1. I’m a wimp. I wouldn’t dare!

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