I falafel for you

This is the vegetarian falafel pita sandwich at the Healthy Hut Market on St Pete Beach. It just had its Grand Opening last month to much fanfare, and for good reason. St Pete Beach needed a healthful alternative to the glut of seafood joints and fast food stops along Gulf Blvd. While not 100% vegan/vegetarian, the menu is chock full of items that are easily customizable to your dietary needs. Healthy Hut serves breakfast (tofu scramble, yay!) as well as lunch and supper. Eat it at your table or take it  away. I won’t even go into the variety of beautiful organic fresh veggies, wines, bulk foods  and supermarket items they carry, because it’s just too intense. Run and check it out for yourself!


3 responses to “I falafel for you

  1. That looks amazing. I agree with you St. Pete Beach needs healthy eats! Do they fry the falafel there?

  2. oh and do you have another link for them? that one didn’t work for me.

  3. Hi Julia, Try the new link in the post, it’s been updated correctly. Thanks!

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