Scramble on

Oh tofu scramble, how I love thee.
I had my first tofu scramble from the health food store last year. I was just a wee bit skeptical, but was also trying to find the path to healthful eating, so…I’d already given in to the tofu love, but had never had it…scrambled before. It was flavorful, filling, interesting. And simple. I thought, I can make this at home! And so my girlcrush on homemade tofu scramble has continued into the new decade.
The beauty of it is, there is no one recipe that is correct. You can pretty much improvise. My basic recipe is more like a Denver Omelet – I like throwing in mushrooms, bell peppers, onion. Sometimes I’ll get silly and throw in baby spinach or mung bean sprouts or cilantro, but it’s conducive to whatever you have on hand. Always sprinkle in turmeric (which is GREAT for your health) to give it that “eggy” color (and it’s so pretty!). Other ingredients are garlic, nutritional yeast, and I like to add mustard seeds for a little crunch.
Here I have it served with pita bread which I’ve brushed with olive oil and toasted in the oven with rosemary and sea salt. So, tuck in and scramble on, my friends.


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