Jamaican me curious…

There is a Jamaican restaurant less than a mile from my house, in a run-down strip mall, that has been there for years. On Labor Day, I was at the strip mall and I smelled curry, so I thought, what the heck? What the heck is real Jamaican cuisine, and…yum, curry! So, I went inside and asked for a takeout menu.

It was shabby chic inside…lots of 60s blue naugahyde, loud ethnic tunes blaring, and suggestively posed women gracing Jamaican travel tourism posters. Perfect, I thought. The tiny place smelled of curry and fish.

I took the menu home, and studied. Not much on there for a veggie to eat (Beef feet? Curried goat?) but there is a veggie option that comes with a side of peas and rice. Sounds awesome. Think I’ll sneak back there soon, get the veggie stew option, pop open a Red Stripe, and dream of being on Island time.


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