I’m back!

Sorry, but I have been AWOL. Well, at least my old computer made me that way. It decided during the Christmas break to fizzle and die, taking my sanity and quite a few files with it. Well, I’m back, and let’s play catch-up, shall we?

This is a pic of my son’s Christmas Eve dinner: a grilled cheese sandwich (made with Soy Kasa). He was saving room for the gastronomical bachanalia that would follow the day after. (It seems so long ago, I can’t really remember what I made for Christmas dinner!)

A sexy homemade late-night pizza replete with giant pepperoni which, ironically, taste better and pepperoni-er than the usual smaller kinds:

My unending collection of all things pasta (which continues to grow each week; yesterday, I bought mafalde:

Thanks for bearing with my absence; not that anyone really noticed….


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