That’s gonna take a lot of Mylanta

As one of my co-workers’s last day is today, some of the other gang are taking him out to eat at a local steak chain. One brazen dude is bragging that he is going to go for the ‘six pound (6 lb.) steak challenge’. Everyone is in awe. I’m not. It’s a foolish attempt at fleeting notoriety and a good opportunity to ruin your plumbing, in more ways than one, if you get my drift.

UPDATE 8/14: I am so glad I’m veggie. Look at this horrible piece of flesh. 96 ounces of cow meat. It looks like just what it is; striated muscle. This is it in its pre-cooked state.

And here’s the unlucky person, who, this morning, is quaffing water and eating crackers. I’ve spared you the restroom pix, but the bill for the entire piece of steak (plus baked potato, salad and roll) came to $43 including tip.

Yuck. So gross.


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