Way behind in posting….

…so I”ll try to catch up. Lots of food-related goings on…

WE INDULGED last Tuesday – Mardi Gras – on a little King Cake, specifically from Alessi Bakery in Tampa, whose baked goods are generally just a little nicer than everyone else’s. And look who got the baby in their slice; Yep, yours truly. After several years of being skunked, patience finally paid off. I get to host the Fat Tuesday party next year, and it will be my pleasure.


WINE OF THE WEEK: Pepperwood Grove Chardonnay. Goes pretty well with Chinese food (house special lo mein was the dish du jour).


JUST FINISHED off a small slice of sweet potato pie from Connie’s BBQ in St. Pete. I’m totally loving this poor, Southern cousin of the more-agressive pumpkin pie. SPP has just enough vanilla and lemon hints to make it naturally sweet without the need for gloppy Cool Whip. Can I get a witness?

HOW DO Japanese ballplayers celebrate their birthday in America?
With a lemon-raspberry cake with white-chocolate shells. This cake belonged to Akinori “Aki” Iwamura, latest Far East infield addition to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

The shells were too pretty to eat, so I didn’t. I indulged instead in popcorn.

THEY WERE right – chicken soup does soothe a soul. And cure other ills, such as a cold – and more specifically, my killer headaches that occasionally plague me. To wit, a steaming bowl of Greek avgolemono soup (front, center) from Pappa’s Cafe worked better than any vile OTC remedy. Luscious and smooth, with rich chunks of chicken, eggy but not too much so, and the perfect consistency for dipping hot pita strips in. Mmmm. I feel another headache coming on, and it’s okay by me.


One response to “Way behind in posting….

  1. Baby Jesus between the teeth.That’s hot.

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