We are the Boysenberries from Old Florida

Ok, so I’m desperately (well, maybe not desperately, but …) trying to come up with some ideas for finger food for Monday night’s big ta-da. Going to be at my Dad’s and we’ll be decked out, appropriately, in orange and blue.
But: I want to surprise Dad (Class of ’59) with some exquisitely-themed orange and blue food. He’d be tickled, for sure, and it would also serve as an edible shrine of sorts to the good guys. Now, coming up with orange food is easy. Oranges! Orange … marmalade. Juice. Carrot sticks. Cheetos, Cheese-Its, Goldfish, cheddar cheese. But blue? What the hell food is blue? I keep hearing George Carlin over and over in my head….

“Why is there no blue food? I can’t find blue food – I can’t find the flavor of blue! I mean, green is lime; yellow is lemon; orange is orange; red is cherry; what’s blue? There’s no blue! Oh, they say, “Blueberries!” Uh-uh; blue on the vine, purple on the plate. There’s no blue food! Where is the blue food? We want the blue food! Probably instores immortality! They’re keeping it from us!”

Uh-oh. Thirty years later and George’s lament still rings true. I never thought I would be in the same boat. Time to get my hands on a bottle of McCormick food coloring – fast.


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