Thursday’s experiment in fine cooking: Tomato bisque

“…Bisque is also commonly used to refer to one of many cream-based soups, in which the ingredients are pureed or processed in a food processor or a food mill. Common varieties include lobster, tomato, mushroom, and squash bisque.” – Wikipedia

After my wondrous Ribollita experience, I decided to go for a soup on the opposite end of the soup spectrum: three ingredients or less, not counting salt or pepper. Off the cuff, I decided on Tomato Bisque, and that’s exactly what I made last night, albeit in a small portion so I could test the waters, so to speak. I stewed fresh tomatoes just to soften; cooled them, then pureed the tomatoes with milk and some fresh cilantro I had lying about (and I usually do). The bisque then simmered very slowly with the addition of a pinch of sea salt and black pepper.

We’ll see how it goes. The tomatoes down here are for crap, but I can at least try!


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